09 February 2019

Warkop DKI is known as a comedy group that would often performed comedy-themed songs in their appearance in a number of films. A few of those songs are still known to this day. 

To honor the glory days of Warkop DKI, Indro recently collaborated with comedic orkes melayu group OM PMR, or Orkes Moral Pengantar Minum Racun. Adopting the theme of ‘Silaturasa’, Indro and OM PMR agreed to again performed comedy tunes that were popularized in Warkop DKI’s films such as “Ngobrol di Warung Kopi”, “Burung Kakaktua”, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”, and “I don’t Wanna Talk About It”. 

“Actually I’ve had the ide to collaborate with OM PMR for a while now. But at that time the circumstances were not possible because my late wife desperately needed my attention. After a while, we finally agreed to collaborate in performing the songs that made it big in the films I starred in with Warkop DKI,” Indro said in front of the media crew. 

They are certain that the collaboration between the seasoned comedian and musicians will be well received by the community, especially the millennials. “In a way we are also preserving the comedic orchestra that was once famous with Warkop. Hopefully this can be a nostalgia for us all,” concluded Indro. (Red.)