About US

Hello Dangdut is a program initiated by Bekraf (Creative Economy Agency), which is a campaign and promotion program of Dangdut music and culture to the international music market. The implementation of the program is based on the definition, identity, and history of Dangdut music and culture itself which is the unique characteristic of national Indonesian music identities.

The absorption of music is increasing, along with new mindset and lifestyle, making Indonesia's music demand increasingly growing. With the rise of millennials as an economic power on the internet era, which also is a genuine experimentalist as well as a qualified "marketer" on the internet network, making Indonesian music creations - including Dangdut - become more varied. This made Dangdut increasingly famous and gaining extraordinary appreciation on the international market. Not to mention the diverse culture of Dangdut that makes Dangdut in general becomes something unique and interesting for the international community.

This considerations encouraged Bekraf to work with the Yayasan Irama Nusantara, to form the Hello Dangdut Secretariat and take move by exploring in new directions and steps; making Dangdut as a key element of Indonesian music identity in the eyes of the international community, by offering contemporary experience as its exchange value.