Various references and links to access specifically papers data sources (journals, articles, research, etc.) related to Dangdut and its studies. The written works are selected papers that come from valid sources and have qualifications in the World of Dangdut.

Indonesian Popular Music and Identity Expressions: Issues of Class, Islam and Gender
Roos Sekewael
The Tragedy of Love and Households in the Tarling Indramayuan Lyrics: A Case Study of the Lyrics of Tarling Indramayuan Songs
Siti Rohmah Soekarta dan Embun Kenyowati E.
Social Perception towards Solo Organ Dangdut Musical Performance
Eka Titi Andaryani
Female Dangdut Singers as Folk Devils in Indonesian Online Media
Jenny Mochtar
Negotiating Dangdut Sexuality: A Glance Female Audiences' Music Enjoyment
Gabriela Deasyntya Kaloka Putri
Rumangsamu Penak: Political Discourse Analysis of Indonesian Migrant Worker's Daily Life in the Dangdut Koplo
Irfan R. Darajat