09 February 2019

President Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, is known as person who likes metal. If the chance to listen to music presented itself he would opt to listen to rock or metal. 

So who would have thought that the number one person in Indonesia was also a fan of dangdut. This fact came to light, and then went viral, when President Joko Widodo was seen busting the ‘goyang dayung’ moves on the honorary stage during the opening of Asian Games in August, when Via Vallen was performing the 2018 Asian Games theme song.  

Later on when addressing the Tri Hita Karana forum, during the IMF-World Bank annual meeting in Nusa Dua, Bali, President Jokow Widodo invited all world leaders who were present at the forum to listen to dangdut. 

“My only advice is: Listen to dangdut. It’s one of the most fun music in the world,” Jokowi said, as written on his Instagram account. 

Jokowi conveyed this suggestion during a discussion on the goals of sustainable development, a measurable goal launched by the United Nations three years ago to bring happiness to people throughout the world. 

Jokowi then asked world leaders who were present, "Are you happy? What makes you happy?"

Indonesia, according to the Gallup International survey in 2017, is ranked eighth in the world's happiest, and most optimistic society in 2018.

"So, if you want to find happiness, I say to them, you came to the right place: Indonesia”.  What makes Indonesian people happy? "Please find out for yourself. Maybe you can take a walk to several places in Indonesia and spend your dollar as a tourist to find out, "Jokowi said again.

Dangdut music, said Jokowi, is the happiest music in the world. "In fact, I find it at this time many have been taken by Indonesian dangdut music," he explained.

Well, we couldn’t help to agree with our President. (leon)