09 February 2019

Various literatures explained that dangdut itself is a blend of Indian and Malay music. Over time, dangdut music Indonesia evolved in accordance with trends and the tastes of the people, which then birthed various dangdut sub-genres. Here are the sub-genres of dangdut.


#1: Dangdut Rock

In actuality dangdut rock has been around ever since Rhoma Irama appeared to perform dangdut with guitar elements that was heavily influenced by Deep Purple’s distinctive rock sounds. The addition of a brass section and lyrics that lean towards the teachings of Islam made dangdut rock unique entity.

Dangdut rock re-emerged with the success of Alam and his noteworthy song “Mbah Dukun”. Alam effectively combined dangdut with rock in many of his tracks. Up to this day we can still hear the distorted sound of rock in many dangdut shows.   


#2: Dangdut Pop

The booming of pop music in the ‘80s also had an influence on dangdut, which later on merged with pop music. A few of the most prominent dangdut pop singers are Evie Tamala, Cici Paramida and Ayu Ting Ting. Dangdut pop’s distinctive sound is rich with elements of pop that are combined with dangdut’s idiosyncratic drumming, turning pop songs into dangdut tunes. 


#3: Dangdut Remix or Dangdut Disco

Besides pop and rock, dangdut also collaborates with any kind of music. In the 2000s, aligning with what was the trend then, dangdut expanded to electronic music, birthing the sub-genre dangdut remix or dangdut disco. This style of dangdut is often heard in nightclubs. Well-known dangdut disco singers inclue Neneng Anjarwati and Cita Citata.


#4: Dangdut Koplo

Although the actual progression of this kind of music was sprawled in most area in Indonesia, this style of dangdut is synonymous with dangdut of the Pantura region because it was popularized in the northern coast of Java. Dangdut koplo can be distinguished by its tempo, which is more upbeat than Malay dangdut. To this day the number of dangdut koplo’s listeners are constantly growing, and in certain nightclubs in the marginal area, this type of music became the main attraction. (Red.)