09 February 2019

Remember Boiyen? The singer, whose real name is Yeni Rahmawati, is definitely not a new player. But ever since she got busy with other gig, Boiyen has been missing from the limelight. Boiyen first album Seperti Pelangi was released in 2013, which then produced notable tracks such as “Cintamu Lowbat”, “Kapan Nikahin Aku”, “Takut Kehilangan” and “Bang Toing”. Boiyen joined Duo Marmut a year later and released Endespoy with the group. Her tight schedule as a television presenter forced Boiyen to take a break from singing.


Fresh news came from Boiyen at the end of 2018. She’s back with a new single “Kamu Hoaxxx”. Written by Aries Tea, the easy listening track adopts the style of Nicki Minaj, whom Boiyen is a big fan of. Together with Komando Music, Boiyen released the music video for “Kamu Hoaxxx” in mid-November 2018 on her YouTube channel. By the time this article is written the video has garnered 600,000 views. Through this single Boiyen is introducing a new dance move called ‘Goyang Hoaxxx’, abbreviated as GOHOXXX, as her trademark. The song itself tells a story of a man and his lies, which is why it the term ‘love hoax’ got pinned to the track. According to Boiyen this story of hoax is relatable to what is happening a lot in Indonesia, and she thinks the word ‘hoax’ is right its use in this new single. (Red.)